Mount Pleasant Primary School is a wonderful community and I have the pleasure of serving as Chaplain on Thursdays and Fridays. Pastoral Care The role of a Chaplain is wide and varied, depending on the needs of the school, but the major focus is pastoral care. This includes supporting the emotional and social wellbeing of students, staff, and families. In life we all face challenging times and it can be helpful to share and work through our feelings. It is a privilege to pastorally care for the community here at Mount Pleasant Primary School and I aim to provide a safe and respectful space for everyone. Of course seeing a Chaplain is voluntary and if you would like to see me, you can visit me at school or leave a message at the front office.

Other Activities Other activities a Chaplain may be involved in are: helping out in classrooms and working with groups of students to promote well-being in target areas. A chaplain may also help out on excursions, camps, and school carnivals. I also have the privilege of working with our year 6 Values Leaders throughout the year. Another part of my role is facilitating whole-school celebrations such as Harmony Day and Christmas Hampers. Making connections with the wider community is also an important part of my role as a Chaplain and I work to build these connections to provide greater support to our community here at Mount Pleasant Primary School. 

Jenai Villaruel
School Chaplain

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