Book Club

Book Club Orders can now be placed online.  There is no need to send the forms and money into the classroom. 

Cash is no longer accepted as a form of payment. 

You can still place your order using the paper order form.  This needs to be completed and sent back to the school by the deadline listed on the front page or you can place the entire order online.  You must pay for your paper order form online.

To order or pay online, follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click Parent Payments on top right hand of page
  • Click on Book Club Pay Now
  • On the blue screen, type in WA and Mount Pleasant Primary School
  • It will then take you to a new website called LOOP
  • You can either register or just order.  If just ordering, then you need to type in WA and Mount Pleasant again and then start to order.

NOTE: You need to add your child’s name and class details.  You then complete the order and follow the steps to pay for your order.

The cut-off date for the online order is listed on the brochure sent home with your child.

Your books will arrive approximately 2-3 weeks after the cut-off date.  This is because it takes a couple of days to process the order by Scholastic after we place the order and then 1 1/2 weeks to be shipped by truck from over east (as they don’t fly them as we are not charged postage).  Then we have to collect the books and distribute them which takes a few days as the boxes don’t always arrive together. 

The books are then delivered to your child’s class with no postage cost.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Claire Selsmark on 0452 211 153 or email

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