School Board

As an independent public school, Mount Pleasant Primary School is required to have a School Board.  The School Board operates according to the School Education Act, 1999.  The objectives of the School Board include:

  • To comply with governance regulations and code of conduct
  • Represent the view of the community in decision making and the provision of strategic direction to the development of the school business plan
  • Monitor the implementation of the School Business Plan
  • Note and approve Financial, Policy and Regulation matters where appropriate
  • Publish regular summaries of school board business to the community
  • Participate in school events and be known to the school community
  • Promote the school, its students and staff

Board Members

Chairperson: David Clark

Principal: Gary Crocetta

Secretary: Shane Highman

Parent Reps: Diane Ledger, Hollie Dunn, Kapil Malhotra, Summa Mcmahon

Staff Reps: Deborah Wake, Philippa Dennerley, Julianne Lund

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