P&C Association

The P&C would like to welcome any parent or guardian who is interested in being involved in the school to come along and attend P&C meetings and/or join a P&C sub-committee.

The meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the school staff room at 7.30pm.

The role of the P&C is to provide a forum in which parents and citizens can develop their partnership with the school and articulate their aspirations for their children’s education.To do this, sub-committees are formed as follows:

  • Canteen Committee – assists with the running and menu ideas for the school canteen
  • Environment Committee – continues the long term vision in the grounds and nature play areas within the school
  • Social Committee – coordinates social events that don’t necessarily raise money but focus on fun for the students and their parents i.e. camp out
  • Fundraising Committee – coordinates events for students and their families to raise money for the P&C which is then donated to the school for use as approved by the P&C. i.e. Quiz Night
  • Grants Committee – looks at possible grants available to the school for buildings or improvements i.e. gardens

Class Representatives

Each year a volunteer parent from each class collates and maintains a class email list and communicates information from the P&C, teacher or other parents to the parents of the class. 

You must provide your email contact details to your class teacher to be included on this listing. 

Ideally the Class Representative attends the monthly P&C meetings and updates parents who were unable to attend the meeting.  They also act as the point of contact at the meeting for their classroom if they have any requests from the P&C, such as how they would like funds to be spent.

If you have interest in any of the above, or would just like to keep up to date with what is happening at the school, we would love to see you at a meeting.

P&C Boxes

P&C boxes are located in various areas of the school to make it easier to parents to pay for P&C events.  You will find them:

  • in the front office (wooden box fixed to the wall)
  • in the kindy (grey box fixed to the wall)
  • in the wet area outside Room 12 in the Junior cluster (grey box fixed to the wall)

The boxes are emptied regularly.

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