Music 2017

Music at Mt Pleasant Primary school has the reputation of emphasising a singing and movement program. In 2017 the students will enjoy a music program that involves a strong emphasis on singing while they continue to pursue a number of different opportunities to perform in this capacity.


The whole school will learn a song to perform at every second assembly, alternating with the school song. The choir also perform support for assembly items developed by the classroom teachers.

The student community will be given the opportunity to participate in the local church for the Easter Service and in other community events. 


The School of Instrumental Music continues to teach selected students: string and brass instruments with the new addition of woodwind classes in clarinet.  String Ensemble sessions continue to be held by Mr Steven Richards, on a Monday morning before school.

At the end of the year students will be tested for entrance into the S.I.M program for next year.


In 2017 an additional aspect of Performing Arts will be brought into the Music  program. Students will have access to a range of Drama skills, which will support literacy programs with poetry, choral speaking, narrative, script writing, and readers’ theatre.   This approach seeks to build on and further develop a rich and varied Music program.

Mt Pleasant provides children with many varied opportunities to perform, whether it be classroom singing, assemblies or special events.


Danielle Frichot

Music Teacher